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Grommet snap, adhesive-based, or laminate mounting for fast & easy installation


Circuits may be bonded directly to vehicle frame for improved heat transfer


CelLink circuits withstand the USCAR T2 reliability test protocol

Simple Assembly and Installation

50-70% weight reduction and 60-90% volume reduction by replacing round wire bundles with flat flexible circuits

Weight and Volume Reduction

The Ultimate Pack Wiring Solution

Battery Pack Interconnects

CelLink's high-conductance circuits enable the integration of busing, fusing, voltage monitoring, and temperature monitoring wiring systems into a single circuit 
The flexible nature of CelLink's circuits can accommodate variations in cell height
Back-bared designs provide welding access to cell terminals
Voltage sense-only option available 

CelLink Integrates up to Four Battery Wiring Systems into One

Unique Circuit Features

Back-bared circuits that provide enhanced electrical, thermal, and mechanical access (e.g., welding)
Free-standing conductor features
Patented device stacks for optimal thermal and electrical performance
Up to 1 meter x 2 meter non-repeating footprint
Pattern accuracy to within 100 microns per meter of patterning length 

Very Large Circuits

Very Thick Conductors

Copper thickness 17.5 - 150 µm
Aluminum thickness 17.5 - 400 µm
Aluminum conductors available with proprietary coatings that provide a highly reliable solderable surface
Other metals available upon request

Re-inventing the Flexible Circuit for Power Electronics

LED Lighting

A Better Alternative to Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

Unlocking the Potential of Back Contact Solar Panels 

Solar Panels

Vehicle Wire Harness

Bringing Electrical Distribution Systems to the 21st Century

Cost Effective & Efficient Back Contact Modules

CelLink's large-area flexible circuits interconnect back contact cells without soldering, ribbon, or busbars
Back contact architectures enabled with CelLink's circuits provide up to a 1% absolute module efficiency gain and a 10% reduction in module cost
Module assembly can be completely automated 
Cost-efficient aluminum conductors with proprietary coatings are both solderable and compatible with conductive adhesives
CelLink's back-bared circuit designs enable thermal coupling to heat sinks via ultra-thin adhesives​ - thus matching the performance of state of the art MCPCBs
Patented designs provide excellent heat transfer to heat sinks with round or complex shapes

State of the Art Thermal Performance

Simplified Design and Assembly

Adhesive bonding eliminates screws and thermal grease
Route power and signals entirely through flex, eliminating jumpers and home-run wiring

Our Technology